"Your staff was professional and in no way disrupted our customer relations. Your results exceeded my expectations…"

"…I'd like to thank you and your organization for the superior results that have been achieved on our receivables projects. Your staff is professional and helpful, and more importantly, works collaboratively with our personnel to ensure that our customers receive excellent care while receivables are resolved. As your results continue to exceed my expectations, doing business with you continues to be a very simple pleasant experience. We look forward to a long lasting business relationship." 

"Much of the impetus behind our decision to increase the volume of business that we are 'farming out' to your firm is based on the outstanding track record that you and your company have amassed over the last several years. We eagerly look forward to the progress that we have grown to expect from our collaborative efforts." 

"I was skeptical that Credit & Financial Services could do all they said. Boy was I surprised. They not only handled our aged receivables but made the transition of our cash application as painless as possible. I feel like I have a complete A/R department right at my fingertips. Their staff is 100% professional yet very down to earth so you can build a personal relationship along with the business relationship."

"Our joint efforts with C&FS around collection of license-related royalties have started to produce significant results that are impacting the bottom line. C&FS has run a professional and productive program that has enabled us to forge solid ties between our two companies. They are conscious of and responsive to our needs for protection of proprietary information. C&FS has dealt in an effective way with our licensees, carefully maintaining relationships."

 "I am very pleased and impressed with the customer deduction collection/resolution success rates… Our experience with your firm reflects a company that is highly professional, courteous, meticulous, and thorough in dealing with our customer deductions. Over the years your firm has contributed to the profitability of our company." 

"Credit & Financial Services is a valued ally and resource in deduction resolution. We find their approach on collections to be thorough and professional on any matter that has been referred to them. The proof of their work is shown in the consistent recovery of funds that otherwise would have been regarded as uncollectable."

"CFS is always attentive to my company's requirements and they strive to improve accounts receivable efficiencies. The CFS staff has proven to be true professionals when dealing with our customers. I am very pleased with the results they have achieved for our company."

"Just wanted to express how happy we are with the work you are performing for us. The collection rates have been much higher than we initially expected. CFS has done all of this while maintaining the strong relationship we enjoy with our customers. We look forward to doing more and more business with you."

"Thanks to you and your staff's hard work, money that was not expected to be collected, was and continues to be; directly affecting our bottom line. Thanks again for your hard work." 

"CFSI has done a terrific job helping us restore control and reduce our liability due to customer short payments. They have been extremely flexible and accommodating in working with our people, our IT capabilities, and our system. I highly recommend them."