Our Clients Are...

Companies like Yours! 

Our services have been engaged by small and large companies (including Fortune 50 and 500 firms) which manufacture Consumer Goods or Commercial Products, Food & Beverage, Phamaceuticals or companies that license Brands, Intellectual Property and Technology.


           Bic Corporation    


     Soundview Paper Company

 Novo Nordisk    

                     Prestige Brands


                               Church & Dwight

ROYALTY ZONE            Dot Foods

        Sunny Delight Beverage Company


   Block Drug  Bristol-Meyers Squibb

Mobil Chemical Corporation  Michelin North America

How We Do It,

Our Approach

Once we have agreed that our services are a match for your company, we will spend time at your facility, meet with your team and determine to access pertinent data, then begin making initial customer contacts. All work is done in our offices. In most cases, we can work with your company via web access or dedicated T-1 line, similar to a satellite office.

All customer contact is made under your name. Credit & Financial Services prides itself on its reputation as a professional outside resource dedicated to protecting - and reinforcing - delicate customer/client relationships.